I want to tell you a story, which is about a special person.

When the earth is sleeping and people are still in their warm beds, she is already there. When it gets dark in the evening, I have also seen her there quietly. Who is she? I don't know her name and I don't need to know, because she is an irrelevant person in my life.

She uses a broken baby cart and walks unstably. The baby cart becomes her walking stick. She always walks slowly to the garbage truck outside of our community and picks all the items which were thrown away but can be sold for recycling. She is always there, every day, every month and every year, no matter summer or winter. She comes around a few times during the day, and is even more punctual than the office workers who have to punch in and out.

Thanks to her, the amount of garbage in our community is obviously decreased. She is the person who deserves the most of our gratitude for this cleaner and tidier living environment. Who is she? I have no idea till now. There is no reason and opportunity for us to have any personal contact. In all the 365 days of a year, she chooses to stay together with the garbage and flies and sorts the items we throw away without hesitation. People always run away after throwing away their garbage but she doesn't mind. She is always there, sorting out thin books, pieces of paper, bottles and jars in an orderly way and placing them in her cart. This old woman works hard constantly, and never complains.

She dresses so plainly that she doesn't seem to be living in the same era with us. It is very likely that nobody takes care of her. She comes and goes alone. Sometimes, she picks up food which hasn't gone bad and ate it near the garbage cart. When she can't finish the food, she gives it to the homeless cats. She is not a member in our community, but brings us clean and neat living conditions. When she leaves, the homeless cats accompany her with their tails erected. She even takes away the disturbing problem of abandoned pets.

One day after another, she works conscientiously. She bends and picks up pieces of paper, bottles, jars, and broken metal items which she could sell for money. She uses her dry and winkled hands to collect them all. She never talks about environment protection and doesn't even know that she is making contribution to our environment. Her deeds are seen by many, but no one cares. For several times, I couldn't control myself from crying and come over and help her. But all I can do is to give her the recyclable garbage which I have sorted at home.

In my opinion, it’s time for the departments concerned to take care of the garbage pickers living in urban and rural areas, at least define these silent contributors as "model environmental protectors" and give them medals and prizes.

Key words:
沉睡chénshuì: sleep
婴儿车yīnɡér chē: baby cart
整洁zhěnɡjié: clean and neat
环保huánbǎo: environment protection
回收物huíshōuwù: recyclable garbage