Mo Yan
Born in 1955, the novelist/short story writer’s real name is Guan Moye (管谟业), better known by his pen name Mo Yan. He is a celebrated contemporary Chinese literary figure. His works are the most translated among all Chinese contemporary literature as well as the most pirated. Drew from Mo’s hometown and childhood memories, his style is a mixture of fantasy and reality, historical and social perspectives with heavy influence from Chinese folk culture. His most well-known novel is probably “Red Sorghum: A Novel of China (红高粱家族 Hónggāoliang Jiāzú),” later adapted in 1987 into the movie “Red Sorghum (红高粱 Hónggāoliang)” by Director Zhang Yimou.

Whether he likes it or not, Mo has now become one of the most famous people in China and in the world for that matter. He has always been a celebrated writer. In fact, he was just awarded the Maodun Literature Award (茅盾文学奖 Máodùn Wénxué Jiǎng) last year, one of the highest honors in contemporary Chinese literature. This Noble Prize has now taken things to a whole new level. There have even been talks of his hometown spending RBM 670 million on growing over 10,000 mu (approximately 1647 acres) of red sorghum, an important symbol in Mo’s novel, to honor him and as a project to promote tourism.

Selected Works
“Frog”(《蛙》Wā), 2009, currently untranslated
“Life and Death are Wearing Me Out” (《生死疲劳》Shēngsǐ Píláo), 2006
“Republic of Wine” (《酒国》Jiǔ Guó), 2005
“Big Breasts and Wide Hips” (《丰乳肥臀》Fēng Rǔ Féi Tún), 1996