On that sunny winter afternoon, I went over my happy memory.

Since we had to paste spring festival couplets, my father and I locked the door from the outside. We planned to ask my mother to open the door for us when we finished the work. However, when we were about to finish, my mother's cell phone rang. So she went upstairs to answer it. Father and I could do nothing but wait and complain. Suddenly, I had an idea. Since my mother would not hang up the phone in a while, then I said to my father, "Father, did you see the solo tennis racket over there? How about playing it on the road?"

Father and I picked a place along the road outside of the garden and began to play. My father played first. He took the black racket and raised it vigorously and shot the ball. The bright yellow ball drew a beautiful arc in the sky by the power of the racket and then came to the ground. It was immediately pulled back by the rubber band.

My father played it with great zest. The ball bounced forward and backward. Well, I had to admit that my father looked great when he played. "It's your turn!" my father said with a smile and handed the racket to me. I threw the ball up to the sky and tried to hit it by putting the racket in front of me. "You did it wrongly!" My father took the racket, "you should put the racket on the side of your body." "But this is how I play badminton." I argued. "Ha-ha, it only means that you play badminton in a wrong way, too." Then my father asked me to watch how he did. "We are so stupid to play it facing the sun. We should change a direction." My father said. No sooner had I turned back than I found my mother stood on the balcony of the second floor and looked at us with a smile on her face. "How about playing with your father? Is it different from playing with me?"

"Is it different from playing with me?" This question touched a very soft part in my heart, which gave me a special feeling as if I wake up after a long time. I remembered when I was little, my father spoiled me a lot. He always played with me. We played car driving, horse riding, the swing game and he would catch me when I played on the sliding boards. I had many photos about my father and me when I was little. I could see an innocent and satisfying smile on my face in these photos just as the one I worn now.

I like one remark from my mother, "Sometimes we are not together, but I still have the feeling that you are there by my side." It was so sweet which could only be uttered by my mother, a woman of sentiment. I now found that my father’s smile was like sunshine. He looked like a big boy at that time.

I turned back and had a glimpse of the sky. It was pure blue. On that sunny winter afternoon, I re-experienced my happy memory.

Key words:
春联chūnlián:spring festival couplets
苏醒sūxǐnɡ:wake up
荡秋千dànɡ qiūqiān:the swing game