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Step1: Login
If you already have an account, please click the link above and login. We strongly recommend you to save this link to start your Chinese lessons: http://cn.hujiang.com/course/.

Step 2: Then you can see the orange button, click it to the home page of Chinese course.

Step 3: You will see the home page as below:
There are 36 lessons(20 hours) in this free Chinese/Mandarin Course. Lesson 1-16 is the Pinyin part. Then you will see another Lesson 1, This belongs to second part. The second part is the Survival Chinese Part with 20 lessons in different topics.

Step 4: Click the right lesson's title which you want to learn. Then you will see new window. Click the green center to start your Chinese/Mandarin lesson.

Step 5: You can study this lesson in a new window.

• We can offer you 36 lessons(20hours) for free Chinese/Mandarin course.
• You can study all of them as many times as you want in three months.
• Exercise Keys will not be showed when you study the lesson at the first time. It will automatically appear when you try to review the lesson.

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