Do you Chinese Youtube if you want to watch more TV and films online? Chinese Youtube is called Youku. Here we will introduce how to share your newest video and upload these video.

First of all, you’ll need to be sure that Youku supports your video. The good news is that they support just about anything. There are no size or time limits, although videos over 200MB must be uploaded using Youku’s upload software. Supported video filetypes include: .wmv .avi .dat .asf .rm .rmvb .ram .mpg .mpeg .3gp .mov .mp4 .m4v .dvix .dv .dat .mkv .flv .vob .ram .qt .divx .cpk .fli .flc and .mod.

Of course, to upload a video, you’re going to need an account, assuming you don’t have one already. In the upper righthand corner of there’s a link that says 注册. Click that.

On the next page, fill out the basic registration information. You’ll need to provide (in this order):

Email帐号: your email address
昵称: your nickname, the name that will appear as the author of your video
登录密码: your password
重填密码: your password again
验证码: the letters and/or numbers from the image below. If you can’t read them, click 点此刷新 to refresh the image.
Be sure that the check box below the image is checked (this says you’ve read their terms of use agreement) and then click the button below that says “完成注册” to finish your registration.

That should take you directly to a page that gives you three main options. The first, “上传视频” is exactly what you want (it means “upload a video”) so click on that link (it’s the one with the upwards-pointing arrow image next to it).

This takes you to the “upload video” form. Fill it out as follows:

选择视频: This is where you choose your video file. Click the 浏览 button on the right to browse your hard drive, select the video file you want to upload in the pop-up window, and then click open. You should see the name of your video file appear in the space next to the characters 选择视频. (Note: if your video file is bigger than 200MB, you will not be able to upload it via the website, but you can still upload it via Iku, Youku’s video uploading software, which you can download here. It won’t work on a Mac, though).
标题: Fill in the title of your video.
简介: Enter a short description of your video
标签: Enter some tags to help people search for your video. Separate tags with a space, not commas.
所属分类: Select a category for your video. There are lots of options, but probably you want to choose either 原创 (original creation) or 其他 (other). If your video is a music video or a concert, choose 音乐.
版权所有: Choose your copyright situation. Selecting 转载 allows others to copy and repost your work, selecting 原创 restricts them to viewing it via your upload.
Below that is a box that you have to check, agreeing that your video doesn’t contain any of the following: reactionary politicial ideas, pornography, serious violence, content that violates the lawful rights of others, or content that you don’t own the rights to distribute.

Assuming you’re not uploading pirated violent reactionary pornography, click the button to the right that says “开始上传” to begin your upload.

You should then see a progress bar that will indicate the progress of your upload. If you see an error message, be sure you filled out all the sections of the form, make sure all your tags are at least two characters long, and try hitting “开始上传” again.

If you’re in China, your upload will likely progress very quickly, but international users may be in for a wait. Do not refresh or close the page while your video is uploading! If you do, all the progress of the upload will be lost.

When it finishes, you will see a screen titled “上传完毕.” Congratulations, your video has uploaded. The information you entered in the form will be displayed below, and below that, two buttons. The first, “上传新视频” will take you back to the upload screen in case you want to upload another video. The second, “进入我的优盘” will take you to your account screen. Click that one.

At your account page, the left-side menu lists several options. Click “我的视频” and then on “我上传的” under that to see the videos you’ve uploaded. You should see an image of your video there, but probably, it won’t be posted yet, and there will be a message that says “审核中”. All videos must go through moderation before they’re posted to Youku (or any other Chinese video site). You just have to be patient.

You may recieve an email from Youku when your video has been approved and posted, but you can check back easily at any time by logging in (click the 登录 button on the top right of and then clicking on “优盘” (on the top right of, right after your username, where the 登录 button was before you logged in).

Want to share your newest video with the Chinese-speaking masses, but don’t speak enough Chinese to navigate a video upload? No problem. We’ve got you covered.