In Summer Solstice, due to strong heat absorption by ground and air convection, thunder showers that come and go quickly occur a lot between noon and dusk. A lot of poet will make poems according to different solars.

A famous poet of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Liu Yuxi, described this kind of weather in one of his poems "the eastern sky is sunny while the western is rainy; it is thought to be rainy but the sun is still in the sky." Because rainfalls during this period are limited to a low range, people usually call them "raining within one field."

Bai Juyi (772-846) is a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). He once wrote a poem on the day of Summer Solstice to recall the days he spent in Su Zhou. He wrote, "Recalling the days when staying in Su Zhou, one thing that is still very familiar with was the Summer Solstice banquet; eating the savory Zongzi (put in the tender bamboo canisters) and the scorching tasty goslings."It shows the poet's fondness for the Summer Solstice banquet and the importance of Summer Solstice in ancient times.