Dragon Boat Racing in Zhejiang

The day of Summer Solstice is the longest of the year. Therefore, one saying is very popular in Shaoxing City which goes, "To play, play on the day of Summer Solstice". In ancient times, people worshipped their ancestors on this day. In addition, when Summer Solstice comes, the summer harvest of wheat is over. The tradition of eating noodles on Summer Solstice comes from the custom of tasting the flavor of new wheat.

Due to climatic factors, Dragon Boat Racings of Shaoxing City mostly have been held on Summer Solstice rather than on Dragon Boat Festival since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It was full of excitement. This tradition is still in practice even today.

Eat noodles

There is a saying in Shandong Province which goes, "eating dumplings on the Winter Solstice and eating noodles on the Summer Solstice." People in different areas of Shandong Province all eat chilled noodles on the day of Summer Solstice.

Cook wheat grain

Custom in Laiyang City: Wheat is mature in Summer Solstice, so people in Huangxian (now called Longkou City) used to cook wheat grain to eat. Children use the delicate strainers they make out of wheat straw to drag for wheat grains. It is not only for food, but also an interesting game.

People worship ancestors

Pingyin Region: People worship their ancestors on day of Summer Solstice.