Happy Chinese(快乐汉语) is an entertaining, fun and easy Chinese series. In Season II, we will focus on typical Tourist Chinese by famous tourist spots in China. It helps the learners form a solid foundation for their further studies.快乐汉语系列二《旅游汉语》主要教授在中国旅游途中的实用汉语。我们将以情景剧的方式把中国最有代表的旅游胜地串联起来,展示中国的秀美山川、人杰地灵。

Today let's learn this sentence "It's time to/that…".今天我们来介绍“该……了。”这个句型。

顾名思义 gùmíngsīyì:just as the name implies
奇形怪状 qíxíngguàizhuàng:grotesque
横七竖八 héngqīshùbā:to be cluttered up with all sorts of things


It's time to/that…

2.Wǒmen gāi guòqù le。我们该过去了。
It's time that we went over.