Mayday (五月天), is a rock/pop band from Taiwan that dreams of being the “Beatles for Chinese People” (华人的披头四). I’ve often wondered why they’d limit themselves to just the Chinese. The band has five members: Lead singer Ashin 阿信, Guitarist/Band Leader Monster 怪兽, Guitarist Stone 石头, Bass Player (+random other instruments) Masa 玛沙, and Drummer Guanyou 冠佑 (formerly known as Yanming 谚明, or just Ming).

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Mayday is one of the most popular bands in Taiwan as well as on the Chinese mainland. Its”Nowhere World Tour 2012″ attracted great attention and a stream of fans at every stop. The band has won the award for Best Band at the Golden Melody Awards a total of four times thusfar.

Occupation: Band

Income: 97.9 million yuan (US$15.8 million)

Wealth ranking:5

Media Exposure Ranking (Internet): 43

Media Exposure Ranking (Newspapers): 53

Media Exposure Ranking (Magazine &TV): 75