Buying wholesale from China is a quick way to get into the import business. Because of the demand for inexpensive Chinese goods around the world, business owners in the country have a steady supply of items ranging from jewelry to clothing to send out to importers for sale in other countries.

1. Decide what items you want to buy wholesale from China. Given the current climate surrounding Chinese imports, it probably is not the best idea to get anything related to children. Other than that, you should make your decision based in part on what you enjoy since you will be spending a good deal of time with the products. Also factor in what other people want to buy. Trendy items will work if you want to change your orders often, and items that speak to a need, rather than want, also do well.

2.Investigate the companies you can find on your own. Check out sources with listings of wholesalers or conduct searches on your own for Chinese wholesalers already set up to sell items to people in the United States. Since you will be purchasing your items remotely, you want to make sure that the company can handle the financial and shipping aspects quickly.

3.Form relationships with people who can assist in the business. Many people who import goods wholesale have a manufacturer's representative. This person may be located in China. At the very least, this person should be familiar with Chinese business etiquette and be able to assist you, even if only in an advisory capacity, regarding the best deals and companies.

4.Seek out retail outlets in the United States. Once you get the items here, you will want to move them quickly to avoid incurring storage fees. Try to set up with local businesses to purchase the products from you once they arrive.

5.Tweak your orders. After you get a couple of orders under your belt, you should do a little research. Crunch numbers to determine if you are making a profit on each item and buy wholesale from China the goods that work the best for your company's cash flow.