White Water Rafting 漂流

In the hot summer months, Gulong Mountain is a good resort to go to. It’s a world filled with beautiful scenes and mystical canyons. There are also waterfalls, underground rivers, karst caves, indigenous vegetations, cliffs, brooks and rugged rocks. It’s like a fairyland on earth. Gulong mountain canyons consist of three sections: the Gulao Canyon, the Xinling Canyon and the Xinqiao Canyon. Rivers wind between canyons, meld with underground rivers, connecting together. The whole canyon is 6.8 km long. It has beautiful scenery, amazing karst caves and vast primary forests. Its uniqueness lies in its underground rivers, creeks and waterfalls.

Tourists can not only enjoy the deep and serene canyon views, they can also enjoy the astounding and exciting experience of white water rafting on the underground rivers. Especially in the hot summer, white water rafting is lots of fun and a great way to stay cool.

Ticket price of the Longmen Canyon White Water Rafting: 190 yuan each person

Transportation: domestic tourist can fly directly to Nanning City, and then take a bus to Jingxi County via Daxin County or Tiandong County, and finally arrive at the Gulong Mountain.