Great Heat is a hot season while different people will eat folk food.Such as spring chicken, Pigeon meat, Divine grass, Pineapples, Mutton Soup and fruit Litchi etc.

Eating Chicken Meat 吃禽肉

It is a folk tradition to nourish the human body in the periods of "Sanfu" (the three periods of the hot season) and "Sanjiu" (the first 27 days of winter). The main nutrient components of poultry meat are high quality protein, fat, microorganisms and mineral substances. Fowl such as chicken, duck and pigeon are good choices for nourishing the human body during the Major Heat period.

A folk way of nourishing is to eat spring chicken during Major Heat. Spring chicken refers to the chicken that has just matured and doesn’t mate yet, or the chicken that weighs half a kilo or two thirds of a kilo after being raised for three months and doesn’t mate yet. The spring chicken contains certain growth hormone which is good for children who are still growing and developing, and old people whose hormone levels have decreased.

Duck is a kind of waterfowl that is rich in nutrition. 100 grams of duck contain 16.5 grams of protein, 7.5 grams of fat, various vitamins and many other nutrients such as Ca, P, Fe and carbohydrates. Because ducks spend a lot of time in the water, eating them nourishes the Yang of the internal five organs, clears internal heat, supplements the blood, regulates the passage of fluids, nourishes the Yin and stomach, and keeps swelling down. People can add some lotus roots, wax gourds and other vegetables when stewing ducks to enhance these effects.

Pigeon meat has the effects of nourishing both liver and kidney, replenishing the Qi and blood and relieving internal heat and fever. It also has the effect of relieving uneasiness of mind and body tranquilization, and is especially good for mental workers and people suffering from neuroses.