What is the Major Heat/Great Heat?

The “Great Heat” represents the hottest days in the year. It arrives on July 23 or 24when the sun reaches the celdaestial longitude of 120 degrees. It’s a season with the highest temperature, where the crops grow fastest and the most frequent time fordrought, waterlogging and windy weather. After this day, firefly comes out, soil getsmore and more humid and heavy thunderstorm comes from time to time. The daysaround the “Great Heat” witness the blossom season of jasmines and lotuses. At thistime of the year, many tourists and photographers go to the park and enjoy the lotusexhibition.

Traditional Customs

What do Chinese do in Major Heat/Great Heat?
Great Heat/Major heat is a hot season while Chinese prefer to do a verious funny things to cool down, such as White Water Rafting, Climbing famous mountain, Farming Activities, Sending the Major Heat Ship and Visit The Lotus Grand Garden. >>>>

What do Chinese do in Major Heat/Great Heat?
Great Heat/Major heat is also a good season to keep healthywhile different people will eat folk food, such as spring chicken, Pigeon meat, Divine grass, Pineapples, Mutton Soup and fruit Litchi etc. >>>>

What do Chinese read in Major Heat/Great Heat?
Until now, there are various kinds of literature of Great Heat/Major heat, such as old saying, poems and prose etc. Let's have a look.>>>>

Of course, you can do some fresh and cool dishes to make you more healthy and refreshing. More recommends recipes for summer >>>>