Buckwheat is loaded with health benefits. Similar to whole grains, it is a great source of heart-healthy fiber , which helps keep you full longer. It also provides hunger-satisfying protein without any of the cholesterol or saturated fat that animal protein contains. Plus, it offers eight essential amino acids , making this complete protein a smart nutritional choice for vegetarians.
Whole buckwheat flour can be made into a spaghetti -like noodle called a soba noodle, which can be served hot or cold. Although similar in shape to spaghetti, it won’t make you feel as heavy or stuffed after you eat it. It has a hearty , earthy taste, making it a good choice if you are looking for some noodle diversity in your next meal.

key words
荞麦qiáo mài :buckwheat
纤维xiān wéi:fiber
蛋白质dàn bái zhì:protein
胆固醇dǎn ɡù chún:cholesterol