Do you know Kunqu? Kunqu elements are still discernible in Peking Opera. Kunshan is the birthplace of Kunqu and it is worth to visit. With the souds of Kunqu, let's go to Kunshan to have a look.

Located about halfway between Shanghai to the east and Suzhou(苏州 Sūzhōu) to the west, Kunshan (昆山 Kūnshān) is the eastern gateway of Jiangsu Province. Currently, there are about 650,000 permanent residents living in Kunshan, distributed over an area of about 927 square kilometers (about 358 square miles). Ten towns and a national economical and technological zone are under the administration of the city government.

Kunshan is a county-level city in Suzhou prefecture-level city in southeast Jiangsu, China, just outside Shanghai. It currently ranks as the most economically successful county in China. It is culturally significant as the origin of Kunshan diao, the melody which ultimately evolved into Kunqu, China's oldest extant theatre art.

It is known as the birthplace of Gong Xian(龚贤 Gōng Xián), Soong Ching-ling(宋庆龄 Sòng Qìnglíng), and Chris Chen.

Kunshan is a booming industrial and commercial city . In this clean and well-arranged city, everything is in good order. Prosperous commercial street, typical citizen Square, beautiful community , many other large pieces of green land and ribbion park.With its well-developed infrastructure, well-facilitated transportation, favorable service management, cozing living environment, Kunshan of today is not only the open &vigoious city in China,but also a beautiful cultural&tourist city.