Elbow Stew with Huangjing

[Ingredients] 9g of huangjing, 9g of pilosulae, 5 dates, 750g of pig elbow, 15g of ginger, shallot

[Directions] Slice the huangjing and cut pilosulae into small nodes. Wrap all of them into a gauze pocket and bind the pocket closed. Clean the dates for further use. Shave and clean the pig elbow and boil it to get rid of the blood. Take it out of the boiled water. Clean and smash the ginger and shallot. Put all the ingredients into a casserole. Add appropriate amount of water into the casserole and boil. Skim off the scum, then simmer gently till the liquid becomes sticky. Take away the medicine pocket. Put the elbow, soup and dates together into bowl.

[Functions] it's good for people with insufficiency of spleen and stomach, jaded appetite and cough and people with poor health recovering from illnesses.