Chinese rice is main food for Chinese. Let's look at how to make a delicious Chinese rice.

1. Rinse the Rice

Rinsing rice helps get rid of any starch and impurities. Rinse until the water is clear and not cloudy.

2. Combine long grain rice and water.

For every cup of long grain rice, add 1 1/2 cups water.

3. Boil the Rice

Bring the rice to a boil, uncovered, at medium heat.

4. Turn Down the Heat, Place the Lid at an Angle

When the rice is boiling, turn the heat down to medium low. Place the lid on the pot, tilting it to allow steam to escape.

5. Look for "Craters"

After the rice has been cooking for a few minutes, check for holes or "craters."

6. Put the Lid on Tight

When you can see the holes or craters, put the lid on tight. Turn the heat down to low.

7. Simmer, Fluff and Serve

Simmer the covered rice for another 15 minutes. Fluff it up with a fork and serve hot.