The famous travel website Trip Advisor, which gathers information and comments, listed the 10 most popular Chinese landmarks favored by foreigners in 2013.

The 10 attractions are well-known in China as well as in the world. Some of them show the splendid history of ancient China and the wisdom of Chinese people; others show the fast development of modern China.

The Oriental Pearl Tower, also known as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, is the world's sixth highest tower with 467.9 meters. It combines travel, shopping, conferences and exhibitions. Visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of Shanghai in the Space Module at 350 meters. Besides, it has the highest revolving restaurant in Asia at 267 meters. In addition, it is home to Shanghai Urban History and Development Museum, whichprovides a history of Shanghai since it became a commercial port, linking up China and the world. As one of the most popular touristic attractions in Shanghai, it receives nearly 3 million visitors every year.