Dominic: These days most taxis in Beijing are equipped with a reliable metre that starts at 10 yuan for the first three kilometres, which works out at approximately 1.5 dollars, and then increases at around 2 yuan per kilometre after that. Nevertheless, it’s still sensible to get a good idea of the price before you start your journey. To do that, you can simply say 大概多少钱?
Dominic to taxi driver: 师傅,大概多少钱?(Shīfu, dàɡài duōshǎo qián?)

Dominic: Now the Bird’s Nest Stadium is one of the most famous locations in Beijing, so it would be very unusual if a taxi driver didn’t know how to get there. Having said that, more often than not, you need to go to a location a little more difficult to describe. In this situation, it is highly recommended to have a written version of your address, like this 鸟巢. In this case, simply point and tell the driver 我要去这里。我要去这里。

(Shot of Dominic’s piece of paper with instructions)
(Dominic’s phone rings. It’s PK.)

Dominic: Hey, PK.
PK: Hi, Dominic. 你在哪儿?(Hi, Dominic. Nǐ zài nǎér?
Dominic: I don’t know. I ask the driver.
Dominic to taxi driver: 师傅,我们到哪里了?(Shīfu, women dào nǎlǐ le?)

Taxi driver to Dominic: 我们到中关村了。(Wǒmen dào zhōnɡɡuāncūn le.)
Dominic to PK on the phone: 我到中关村了。(Wǒ dào zhōnɡɡuāncūn le.)
PK to Dominic: 你才到中关村?(Nǐ cái dào zhōnɡɡuāncūn?)
Dominic to PK: Don’t worry. Don’t worry. We are not so far away.
PK: Come on. Hurry up!
Dominic: OK, we’re coming.

Dominic: If you are learning Chinese, getting a taxi in Beijing is a perfect opportunity for some conversation practice because the driver can’t escape! Let’s try some now.
Dominic: 师傅,你是哪里人?(Shīfu, nǐ shì nǎlǐ rén?)
Taxi driver: 我是北京人。你是哪里人?(Wǒ shì Běi jīnɡ rén. Nǐ shì nǎlǐ rén?
Dominic: 我是英国人。(Wǒ shì yīnɡɡuó rén.)

(Shot of taxi running through Beijing)

Dominic: I think we’re getting close. But I can check with the driver by asking我们到了吗?(Wǒ men dào le mɑ?)
Dominic to taxi driver: 师傅,我们到了吗?(Shīfu, wǒmen dào le mɑ?)
Taxi driver: 我们到了。(Wǒmen dào le.)

Dominic: Oh, we’re here. 我们到了。When you are ready for the taxi driver to stop, you can simply say 师傅,就停这儿吧。
Dominic to driver: 师傅,就停这儿吧。(Shīfu, jiù tínɡ zhè ér bɑ.)

Language points:

1.Dàɡài duōshǎo qián?
"大概" means approximately, "多少" means how much, "钱" means money.

Approximately how much is it?

2.Shīfu, wǒmen dào le mɑ?
To address the driver, it’s recommended to use the polite address "师傅".
"我" means I, "我们" means us,"到", to arrive at, "哪里"where.

Shifu, where are we now?

3. Jiù tínɡ zhè ér bɑ.
"停" means stop, and "这儿" means here.

We can just stop here.