In ancient times, people believed that three things would happen during the End of Heat. The first thing is that eagles would begin to catch and hunt a lot of birds. The second is that the weather would turn cold and the whole world would seem solemn. The third is that fall harvests would be about to begin.

Eagles catch and hunt a lot of birds during this season. The birds hunted are usually displayed first like sacrifices before they are eaten by the eagles.Everything begins to wither and the world is surrounded by the atmosphere of cold and death. It is said that people should restrain themselves in fall.Crops such as millets, rice and grains mature during this season. Fall harvests are about to begin.

In flatland areas, from the End of Heat to the Autumnal Equinox, there will be many rainy days, which are bad for agriculture and animal husbandry. For most parts of South China, it is also a busy season of harvesting middle-season rice. Plenty of sunshine in South China (except the west part) and less rainfall are good for the harvest of rice and the opening of cotton bolls.

However, in some years there is continuous rain during this period. People should pay attention to weather forecasts and make preparations.

During End of Heat, rainfall in South China is changing from “more in the east” to “more in the west.” The middle part of South China is usually experiencing the most rainfall of the year. Therefore, in order to ensure that farmlands in winter and autumn have enough water, people should lose no time storing water.