Dominic to taxi driver: 师傅,多少钱?(Shīfu, duōshǎo qián?)
Driver: 六十块。(Liùshí kuài.)

Dominic to camera: One nice thing in China is that you never give tips, which makes paying much easier. 

Dominic to taxi driver: 师傅,请给我发票。(Shīfu, qǐnɡ ɡěi wǒ fāpiào.)
Dominic: 谢谢你,再见。(Xièxiè nǐ, zàijiàn.)

(Dominic gets out of cab.)

Dominic: Beijing’s road is so busy and so it is a good idea to get out of the cab on the right hand side, away from the traffic.

(Dominic meets PK by the Bird’s Nest Stadium.)

PK: Hey, what’s up? You took up your time, huh?
Dominic: I know, I know, Beijing is a great city, but sometimes the traffic is crazy.
PK: That’s true.
Dominic: Ah! Where is my phone?
PK: Don’t look at me.
Dominic: I must have left it in the cab. What can I do?
PK: How about this right? We call it using my phone. Maybe the taxi driver would answer it. 
Dominic: PK you are genius.
PK: You didn’t know?

(Dominic rings his phone and the taxi driver answers.)

Dominic: 师傅,我的手机落您车上了。(Shīfu , wǒ de shǒujī luò nín chēshànɡ le.)
Taxi driver: 好的,我马上给您送过去。(Hǎo de, wǒ mǎshànɡ ɡěi nín sònɡ ɡuòqù.)

(Taxi driver returns the phone to Dominic.)

Taxi driver: 你好,这是您的手机。(Nǐhǎo, zhèshì nín de shǒujī.)
Dominic: 非常感谢你,非常感谢。(Fēichánɡ ɡǎnxiè nǐ, fēichánɡ ɡǎnxiè.)
Taxi driver: 没事,没事,再见。(Méishì, méishì, zàijiàn.)

Dominic: Actually, we are lucky this time because you could always call your own phone. But what happens if you lose something else like a wallet or a watch? This is another reason why it is a good idea to collect your receipt when you get out of the taxi. Every receipt has a contact detail of the taxi company. So you just need to give this to a Chinese person, explain the problem and they can call on your behalf.

Dominic: So today we see not only how to get a taxi in Beijing, we’ve also learned a few very useful phrases in the process.
PK: We’ve also learned not to leave your phone in a taxi. 
Dominic: Yes, thank you PK. So let’s have a recap of those phrases.

Dominic: Well I hope you find out useful. Don’t forget, if you didn’t catch all the Chinese, you can feel free to play the clip again later. I’m Dominic Swire. This is PK. See you next time. 再见。

Dominic: 再见。(Zàijiàn.)

Dominic: Hey PK, your Chinese is getting pretty good. You’re going to have to give me some lessons…
PK: It’s going to cost you…

(Dominic and PK walk towards the Bird’s Nest Stadium.) (End)

Language points:
Wǒ yào qù niǎocháo.

I would like to go to the Bird’s Nest.

Dàɡài duōshǎoqián? 

Approximately how much is it?

Shīfu, women dàonǎlǐ le?

Shifu, where are we now?

Jiù tínɡ zhèér bɑ. 

We can just stop here.

Qǐnɡ ɡěi wǒ fāpiào.

Please give me a receipt.