Stephy: To pass these red shark fin-looking barriers, you’ll going to have to buy a subway ticket. Subway fare is relatively cheap compared to taxi fare. Taxis can range from 10 to 100 yuan depending on distance. Whereas a one-way subway ticket to any destination costs a flat 2 yuan, or 30 cents in the United States. Let’s go and get a ticket.

If you have a 5 or 10 yuan bill on you, you can use one of these ticket machines. Directions are also available in English. Otherwise, head over to the ticket counter. 

(Freeze frame on grayed picture of ticket counter woman)

Ticket seller: 您好,有什么可以帮您的吗?(Nínhǎo, yǒu shénme kéyǐ bānɡ nín de mɑ?)
Stephy: 你好,我要一张票。(Nǐhǎo, wǒ yào yìzhānɡ piào.)
Ticket seller: 好的,两元,给您,拿好。(Hǎo de, liǎnɡyuán, ɡěi nín, náhǎo.)
Stephy: 谢谢。(Xièxiè.)

(Zoom on ticket scanner & screen)

Stephy: Remember we need to first travel to the Xidan stop for a transfer. So, let me ask which train to take. 

Stephy talks to a passenger: 劳驾,去西单坐哪边的车?(Láojià, qù xīdān zuò nǎbiān de chē?)

Language points:

Nínhǎo, yǒu shénme kéyǐ bānɡ nín de mɑ?
您好, the polite form of saying 你好, meaning hello, 有to have, 什么 what, 能can, 帮 help, 您 the polite way of saying 你 you, 的 a particle.
Hello, anything I can do for you?

Wǒ yào yìzhānɡ piào
票ticket, 张a measure word for ticket, 一 one, 一张票 one ticket, 要 want or need, 我 I, al together.
One ticket please. 

Láojià, qù xīdān zuò nǎbiān de chē?
车vehicle, here it refers to the subway, 哪边 which direction, 哪边的车which direction the vehicle (the subway) heading for, 西单 a downtown commercial centre in Beijing, 去 to go to, 劳驾 excuse me, together, 
Excuse me, which subway line should I take to go to Xidan?