Stephy: 好的,谢谢!(Hǎo de, xièxiè!)
Passenger: 不用。(Búyònɡ.)

(Shot of train approaching at Gongyixiqiao Stop. Zoom in on overhead stop.)

Stephy: These large overhead signs tell you the last stop on the line, giving you the direction of the train. I’ll be needing to go south, towards the last stop, Gongyixiqiao (公益西桥). So, I will need to board this train. 

(Train shots of people, seats, handle bars, long shots, crowds)

Stephy: Our stop is almost coming up. We are listening for the stop that will allow us to transfer to Line 1. Announcements are in first Chinese and then in English. 

Announcer: 下一站,西单。(Xià yízhàn, xīdān.) Next station is Xidan (西单). 

(Cell phone rings.) 

Stephy: Ah…technology. Unlike most subway systems, Beijing boasts underground cell phone coverage on most trains.

(Pick up phone)

Stephy: 喂, I'll eat one if you eat one. I draw the line at sea horse. 好,再见。(Hǎo, zàijiàn.)
Stephy: We're almost there, we just have to transfer. Follow the signs of Line 1 or 一号线.

Stephy: Besides the existing lines in operation, new lines are now under construction and by 2015, Beijing expects to triple its capacity to nine million passengers daily. While we're riding the train, let's review the phrases we've learned today. 

Stephy: 我们到了。Wǒmen dào le. We have arrived. Just use your ticket to exit and follow the signs to Wangfujing. Here we are at Wangfujing. But where is Nic? Speaking of Nic. 

(Pick up phone)

Stephy: 喂?What? Another 20 minutes? All right, there will be a scorpion waiting for you. 好,一会儿见,拜拜。(Hǎo, yíhuìér jiàn, bàibài.)

Stephy: It's a good thing we took the subway. For Living Chinese, I'm Stephy Chung. We'll see you on the track. (End)

Language points:

Qǐnɡ wèn dìtiě zài nǎ?
May I ask where the subway is?

Jiù zài qiánmiɑn.
It's straight ahead.

Nín hǎo, yǒu shénme nénɡ bānɡ nín de?
Hello, anything I can do for you?

Wǒ yào yìzhānɡ piào.
One ticket, please.

Láo jià, qù xīdān zuò nǎbiān de chē?
Excuse me, which subway line should I take to go to Xidan? 

Zuò zhèbiān de chē jiù kéyǐ le.
You can take the subway on this side.