Happy Chinese(快乐汉语) is an entertaining, fun and easy Chinese series. In Season I, we will focus on daily life Chinese. It will helps the foreigners not only just know what to say, but also how to use it. 快乐汉语系列一《日常生活汉语》主要教授在中国家庭生活及学校生活中的日常用语。我们将以情景剧的方式帮助大家理解和掌握这些句子。


Could you direct me to the subway station?
Can you tell me the way to the National Library?
When you are asking for directions, you may say, for example: Could you direct me to the subway station? You may also use the following pattern, for example: Could you please tell me where the subway station is? Remember when you are asking a stranger about directions, make sure to add "Qingwen" before your question to show your politeness.

At the compound gate, turn left.
Dongdan is quite close to Wangfujing.
The Chinese preposition "wang" is used before verbs to indicate the direction of an action. For example: She turned east. The verb "li" can be used to express the distance between two places. For example: "My home is quite close to a supermarket", "My home is far from my school".