White Dews

When “White Dews” comes, the temperature decreases further and the weather getscooler. In the morning, you can see the dew on the grass and trees. “White Dews”happens around September 7 every year when the sun reaches the celestial longitudeof 165 degrees. At this point, the swan goose and swallow fly back to south and birdsstart to store food for winter. When the day comes, the cool autumn wind blows acrossthe vast land on the north of the Huaihe River from north to south. In many places ofChina, the air is clear, the sky is high and the clouds are peaceful. People can oftenfeel the gentle autumn breeze blowing.

Traditional Customs
In Fuzhou, people eat longan on this day. It’s said that eating longan on “White Dews”can provide a lot of nutrition to human’s body, like eating a whole chicken. In Nanjing,people drink “White Dews” tea. There is also the tradition of drinking “White Dews” ricewine, made of cereals such as sticky rice, sorghum.

Healthy Living Tips
“White Dews” is a typical solar term in autumn. It’s a peak season for allergic conditionsand bronchial asthma. It’s better to eat less prawns, fish and seafood. This season isalso very dry, making people feel thirsty all the time. Eating ginseng may help.