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The literature of White Dews

During the White Dew period, if you go out on a clear night and watch the starry sky, you may get wet by the dew on your trouser cuffs. You can read some interesting proverbs and poems.
[1] Proverbs about White Dew 01
[2] Proverbs about White Dew 02
[3] Poems about White Dew

Proverbs about White Dew

“When it comes to the End of Heat, it is still hot. But eighteen days later, it is White Dew and you need to dress properly.” This proverb means that you can wash yourself with cool water during the End of Heat period, but you have to dress properly, or you’ll be attacked by the cold air. This suggests that White Dew is the real beginning of autumn.

People used to say that “since it is getting cooler, mosquitoes will gradually disappear,” which shows that the temperature varies greatly between day and night. Mosquitoes are usually very active, but after White Dew, they begin to disappear gradually and will not bite people anymore.

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