Benches are essentially long stools. They are also called 'spring bench' (chundeng), suggesting a seat that could be shared by lovers. They were commonly set in front of shops next to the door. Pairs were often set opposite one another inside gateways, and thus acquired the term ‘gate benches’. In restaurants they were placed around square tables as seats for two. As a stable working platform, they were utilized in hundreds of configurations by craftsmen.

Benches are made 1 chi 6 cun high. The seat panels are 1 cun 3 fen thick and 3 chi 8 cun 5 fen long, with ends protruding [beyond the legs] 3 cun 8 ½ fen. The legs are 1 cun 4 fen wide, 1 cun 2 fen thick. The apron is 3 cun 7 fen wide. The measurements may vary according the length of the top.