Agricultural Proverbs about the Autumn Equinox

White Dew too early, Cold Dew too late,
The autumn equinox will be the proper time to sow the wheat.
If sown at the right time, there will be harvest every year,
If not, you will receive none.
If sown at the wet then at the dry field,
The seeds will sprout right the seven days.
Keep up the management of the late autumn crops,
Do not miss the harvest.
The cotton plants blossom in the central branch,
Pick them up in four to six days.
They are of the best quality,
The seeds should be kept.
Sow the spinach and shallots,
Water and fertilize the cabbage.
Cover the greenhouse in winter,
Plant the tomato and cucumber.
Keep storing straw silage,
Breed the livestock at the right time.
Fine fodder for fish can not be reduced,
Harvest and sell them lotus roots.