Song Ci about the Autumn Equinox

Rouged Lips
By Xie Yi

Pleasant Autumn Equinox,
Cool breeze and cold dew.
Half of the autumn has passed.
The moon is bright,
Osmanthus's fragrance is sweet-scented.
Beautiful dancers in long white skirts,
Light the flying temple.
Glorious dresses wave.
People on the silver bridge leave,
The music of pipes plays through the night.

Prelude to Water Melody
By Wu Qian

Mid-autumn has passed,
But the moon tonight is bright.
The full moon last night,
Seemed a little cut.
The clouds and fog are driven away,
The clear night and moon show their face,
Just as I wished.
Pour the wine and drink by myself,
I feel great and unconventional.
I wanted to ask her the reason she left,
We are too young to know the growth of white hair.
Millions of days like today,
Million of people like me,
Who arranged this? How could I fly away?
Go to the moon and stay.