Since the Autumn Equinox, the rainfall gradually decreases and the air humidity becomes low. The dryness has become a major climate in middle and late autumn. In autumn, the lungs are very delicate. If they are not treated with good care in this season, they will be hurt by the dryness, resulting in dry mouth, sore throat and cough. Therefore, in the Autumn Equinox, the food should play the roles of clearing heat and promoting fluid production, nourishing the Yin and moistening the lungs. The following recipes are recommended for the Autumn Equinox.

Braised River Crab with Soy Paste :

[Ingredients] 500 grams of river crabs (sea crabs also will do), ginger, onion, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, flour, MSG, rice wine, starch and cooking oil.

[Practice] Clean the crab and chop off any sharp claws. Cut the crab in half, belly side up. Dig the gill of crab, chop up the stomach. Put the flour where it was chopped up. Heat the wok, and put oil in. When the oil is half-boiled, put the crab into the wok, with the flour side down. Fry the crab until it is yellow, and turn it over. Make sure the crab is heated equally on all sides. When the crab turns red, put in the bruised onion and ginger, rice wine, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, and water. About eight minutes later, the crab will be well-done. Wait till the soup is absorbed, and put the MSG in. At last, add some fluid starch and a small amount of tail oil. The Braised River Crab with Soy Paste is done.

[Function] To nourish the Yin and marrow, and clear the heat inside and activate blood circulation