Southeast University (SEU)(东南大学:Dōnɡnán Dàxué) is one of the national key universities administered directly under the Ministry of Education of China. It is also one of the first universities accredited by the State Council to determine and approve the qualifications of professors, associate professors and doctorial supervisors. It is also one of the universities of “Project 211” and “985 Program” that is financed by the central government to build as a world-class university.

Southeast University has become a comprehensive university of high reputation comprised of various departments of science, engineering, art, social sciences, law, economics, management, languages, etc., with engineering as its focus. The university boasts over 40 schools or departments with 60 undergraduate disciplines in all. It also has 15 post-doctoral stations, and offers 105 PhD programs and 200 Master programs; it holds a national lead in architecture, civil engineering, electronics, information technology, energy, power engineering, and transportation technology.