Jiuzhaigou was listed in the UNESCO in 1992. Being praised as a land of fairy tale, this famous site has been attracting tourists with its exquisite mountains, opulent forests, multicolored lakes, cascading waterfalls and a great variety of wildlife for years. It is known for the nine Tibetan villages within its boundary. The aipine lakes are just like incredibly huge silent mirrors reflecting the multiple colors of the ground and the sky, making it a huge crystal jade embedded in the snow mountains and virgin forests.

The Unfading Beauty

Blazing, flaming, multiple layered leaves are dyed into different colors in Jiuzhaigou's autumn. Beautiful red birch, maples mixed together, weaving unforgettable tints that surround you. When all these stuff reflect in the blue crystal-like lake, Jiuzhaigou becomes the kingdom of colors. Standing in the valley, indulge yourself in a world that silence and color bring to you for a while.

Travel Tips

  • Jiuzhaigou is a large area with a good many attractions. Usually the sightseeing takes two days, which will double the daily admission fee.
  • The road between Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou may be destructed due to weather causes. The best way to get there is by flight.