(Sit down for shampoo, with head in sink being washed) 

Dominic: Normal practice in China is to have your hair washed before it's cut. A shampoo in China is pronounced 洗头, which directly translates as “wash head”. But to be honest, I hate having my hair washed, so normally I would say 我不需要洗头!(Wǒ bùxūyào xǐtóu!)

(Move to barber’s chair)
Barber: 你好!(Nǐhǎo!)
Dominic: 你好!(Nǐhǎo!)
Barber: 你想剪什么样的?(Nǐ xiǎnɡ jiǎn shénmeyànɡ de?)
Dominic: Hmm. Now I have to tell the barber exactly what I want. This could be a bit tricky. I wonder if anybody else here is having a similar haircut to me.

(Comic scene: Dominic looks to his right and is shocked to see Ludo in the chair. Ludo is a foreign expert from the french department at cri. He has a skinhead.) 

Ludo’s barber to Ludo: 您觉得怎么样?(Nín juédé zěnmeyànɡ?)
LUDO to his barber: 后面再多剪点儿。(Hòumiɑn zài duō jiǎn diánér.)

(Dominic now is very worried because of seeing Ludo’s “hairstyle”.)

Dominic: 我想修剪一下。请别剪太短。(Wǒ xiǎnɡ xiūjiǎn yíxià. Qǐnɡ bié jiǎn tài duǎn.)
Barber: 好的。(Hǎode.)

(Barber starts to cut hair.)

Dominic: While I’m busy here, let's listen to some other experiences of foreigners who have had their hair cut in China.

Danny: Certainly it presents a little bit of a challenge to the average Chinese hairdresser, because I think they’re maybe not as used to working with very curly hair. And of course, the number one question is always, “is your hair real?” And of course, you know, it is and I have to explain it's natural; I was born with this hair and as it grow, it gets curlier.

Rich: The thing is with my hair is it’s kind of very fine. Despite the fact it looks like this now, it's fine. And at the front I have a cowlick, or core-flick. So my hair at the front grows around in a circle. This guy had never seen that. So for him, the most exciting thing was, one, he was cutting a foreigner's hair; and two, he was seeing this thing at the front of my head and he was just poking it and laughing his head off and stroking my hair because he’s like “It’s so soft, it’s so soft, I’ve never seen hair like this before”. And he was giggling, which kind of made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Language points:

Wǒ bùxūyào xǐtóu.
I don’t want my hair washed.

Wǒ xiǎnɡ xiūjiǎn yíxià.
I want my hair trimmed slightly.

Qǐnɡ biéjiǎn tàiduǎn.
Please don’t cut too short.