Jules: 谢谢您。(Xièxiè nín.)
Receptionist: 不客气。(Búkèqi.)

Jules: Registering with the hospital is a relatively cheap and inexpensive thing to do and you will usually be issued with a card just like this one.

(showing the card)
(Sitting in the waiting area)
Jules: As in other parts of the world you may have to wait for a while before the doctor can see you. Does anyone have an English language magazine I can read?

(Someone calls out “Zhu li an”.)
Jules: Mm, but in my experience not as long as back home.

(Entering in a doctor’s office)
Jules: 大夫,您好!(Dàifu, nín hǎo!)
Doctor: 您好!您哪里不舒服?(Nín hǎo! Nín nǎlǐ bùshūfu?)
Jules: 我头疼。(Wǒ tóuténɡ.)
Doctor: 什么时候开始的?(Shénme shíhou kāishǐ de?)
Jules: 今天早上吧。(Jīntiān zǎoshɑnɡ bɑ.)
Doctor: 您发烧吗?(Nín fāshāo mɑ?)
Jules: 有一点儿。(Yǒu yìdiánér.)

Jules: After you consult with the doctor, he or she will make a diagnosis and write a prescription for medicines. These may, or may not, be a combination of western and Chinese medicines - the best of both worlds.

Jules: 谢谢大夫。(Xièxiè dàifu.)
Doctor: 不客气。(Búkèqi.)
Jules: 再见。(Zàijiàn.)
Doctor: 再见。(Zàijiàn.)
(Jules walks down hospital corridor.)

Jules: After receiving your prescription from the doctor and being examined by him or her. It’s then time to take it to a pharmacy within the hospital and have it filled. A one-stop shop. A-choo! Oh! Excuse me.

Before going to the pharmacy you must first take your prescription to the cashier and pay for your medicine. Once you’ve done that you can go to the pharmacy and collect your medicine.

Jules: 你好。(Nǐhǎo.)
Receptionist: 一百元。(Yìbǎi yuán.)
Jules: 谢谢。(Xièxiè.)

Jules: At the hospital’s pharmacy, you may see two windows one is Xi Yao, that is western medicine, and the other Zhong Yao, that’s Chinese medicine. Now according to what your prescription is, you may need to visit both windows.

Jules: 您好。(Nínhǎo.)
(Gives prescription to pharmacist)

Jules: At this stage, the pharmacist will explain how often and how much medicine to take.

When did you begin to have a headache?
Jules: 这个药怎么吃?(Zhèɡe yào zěnme chī?)
Pharmacist: 一天三次,一次一片。(Yìtiān sāncì, yícì yípiàn.)
Jules: 好,谢谢你。(Hǎo, xièxiènǐ.)
Pharmacist: 没关系。多喝水,注意休息。(Méiɡuānxi.Duō hēshuǐ, zhùyì xiūxi.)

Jules: After taking the medicine and getting some rests, I can hopefully say 我觉得好多了。I feel much better. For Living Chinese, I’m Jules Page. 再见!Bye-bye. (End)

Language points:

Nín nǎlǐ bùshūfu?
Where do you feel uncomfortable?

Zhèɡe yào zěnme chī?
How often and how much should I take this medicine?

Zhèɡe yào yìtiān sāncì, yícì yípiàn
Take this medicine three times daily and one pill per time.

Duō hēshuǐ, zhùyì xiūxi.
Drink more water and have some good rests.