“Cold Dews” is the 17 solar term of the 24 solar terms and falls on October 8 orOctober 9 each year. It means that it’s colder than “White Dews” and the dews arebecoming frost. During this period, most of the areas around Nanling enter autumn andnorth-east and north-west of China will soon enter winter. When the sun reaches thecelestial longitude of 195 degrees, the swan gooses fly to south in a “single line” or a“herringbone shaped line”, most of the sparrows are gone and chrysanthemum startsto bloom.

Traditional Customs
The autumn views in many places in China are very beautiful and people like to climbhigh and enjoy the view. In Beijing, many people go to Jingshan, Badachu Park and the Fragrant Hill.

Healthy Living Tips
During “Cold Dew” period, the most obvious climate feature is “dry”. When it’s dry,sweat often evaporate very quickly and people can feel skin stretched, wrinkleincreased, being thirsty, and often cough. Eating sesame, nut, tremella, radish, tomato,lotus root, milk and lily can help nourishing Yin Qi and moistening dryness. It’s also verygood to eat some fruits such as snow pear, banana, Hami melon, apple and grape.