See the Emissary off in Shandong Han Hong (Tang Dynasty)

Riding the horse with golden bridle,

We went out of the city, and saw him off at Dongyang.

In September, the cold dew turns to white, The autumn grass turns yellow in six frontier passes.

Enjoying the wine of Shandong, We were pleased by the music that we heard.

After the drinking, He whipped the horse and rode away.

There is still a long way to go to Meishan Mountain.

Say Farewell to my Wife Chen Jiqing (Tang Dynasty)

The full moon is curving, Cold dew turns to white.

In this night, I have to go.

The wine is served, I drink it with sorrow.

A poem is written, I read it with tears.

The farewell song makes the pipe play sad, The departing one makes the peptachord play plaintive.

Where she misses me in the bright night, The autumn wind blows the cold quilt beside her.