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Health Recipes in Cold Dew

Cold Dew is a period when cold and heat alternate with each other. How should people preserve their health during this period? This article is to introduce some Health Recipes in Cold Dew.
[1] Chinese dates, lotus seeds and gingko porridge
[2] Lentinus edodes and winter gourd balls
[3] Stewed pig’s feet with coix seeds

Chinese dates, lotus seeds and gingko porridge

Ingredients: 20g of lily bulbs; 20 Chinese dates; 20g of lotus seeds; 15 gingko; 100g of polished round-grained rice; proper amount of crystal sugar.

Recipe: First, boil the lotus seeds for a moment. Then put the lily bulbs, dates, gingko and rice together in the pot. Boil them with low heat after boiling. Add some crystal sugar when the porridge becomes thick.

Benefits: It has the effects of nourishing the Yin, moistening the lungs, and tonifying the spleen and stomach.

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