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Sons of Dragon(2) 龙的儿子(2)

This essay is about the other four sons of dragon in Chinese culture. Each of them has disparate surface characters and inner individuality. 这篇短文简要介绍了龙哥的其他四个儿子,他们拥有迥异的外表和性情。

These four sons of dragon which we will learn in this essay are also have disparate characters in Chinese culture and folklore.

San Mi

His figure is like lion. Suanmi is fond of smoke and fire; his likeness can be seen on the legs of incense-burners. He is also used to guard beside the main door.

Ba Xia

His figure is like tortoise, Baxia has great strength and likes to carrying heavy things. BaXia loves words , so he is used to carry stone tablets with inscriptions.In China, many famous steles are carried by Baxia.

Bi An

The figure of Bi An is like tiger. He is wise and can tell who is good or evil, so his figure became decorations of prision or court.

Fu Xi

Fuxi loves literature, his figures are carved on sides of stone tablets with inscriptions.

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