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Sons of Dragon(3) 龙的儿子(3)

Dragon has nine sons an each of them is quite different in character. Here we will learn about four sons of dragon like Chi Wen, Jiaotu, Gong Fu and Dragon Tortoise. 在中国传统民俗文化中,龙有九子且各不相同。在这篇短文中我们将了解龙的其他四个儿子。

Here we can learn about the other sons of dragon such an Chi Wen, Jiaotu, Gong Fu and Dragon Tortoise.

Chi Wen

Chi Wen likes swallowing things. The four beasts that swallow the ridges of the hall in the picture are all Chi Wen, so he is also called the Ridge-Swallowing Beast. He is said to be in charge of rainfall, so the design has the purpose of safeguarding palaces from fire.


Jiaotu is as tight-lipped as a mussel or a snail. His image is carved on doors.

Gong Fu

Gong Fu likes water, so he is always carved on the holes of bridge.

Dragon Tortoise

This is Dragon Tortoise, his head is dragon, but body is tortoise.

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