Shanghai's largest matchmaking party, set for Qingpu District next month, will expand the age group of participants to 60 years old, and will last three days instead of the previous two, its organizers said today.

The party, to be held for the fourth time, will take place at the Zhaoxiang area in suburban Qingpu District from November 9 to 11, on the occasion of China's Singles Day. The date November 11 means “unattached” in Chinese, but it is considered a lonely holiday for many unattached Chinese.

The application period will start tomorrow and will run until November 1. Any singles 60 years old or younger are invited to attend, and no admission is charged. Each person accompanying participants will be charged 50 yuan (US$8.06) as before to limit the number of parents, according to the city's matchmaking association.

In the past three events, only singles below 35 years old were allowed as participants.

More than fifty matchmaking agencies in the city will receive applications, and details are available at and in Chinese.

Expats cannot apply because matchmaking agencies in China are not allowed to provide matchmaking service for foreigners, according to regulations.

During the three-day event, a number of fun games will be staged to help singles become familiar with each other, and matchmaking services will be offered.

The party, called the 10,000-Person Matchmaking Event, was first held in Songjiang District in 2011. It is in its third year, but two events are being held starting this year, with one held in May, instead of just one. With just one annual event, organizers were bombarded with calls from parents anxious about their children's marriage prospects.

The party has attracted a total of nearly 100,000 participants since it was launched.

Some 40,000 people showed up at last year's events, including parents who lined up outside and needled men for information on their income, jobs and property.