Everyday Chinese is the online Chinese course which designed for language learners who would like to acquire practical communication skills. Today we will learn some useful expressions.


1. 请您先拿号,再去那边等候。
Qǐng nín xiān ná hào, zài qù nàbian děnghòu.
Please take a number and wait over there.

2. 请问,需要等多长时间?
Qǐngwèn, xūyào děng duō cháng shíjiān?
Excuse me, how long should I wait?

3. 我想取点钱。
Wǒ xiǎng qǔ diǎn qián.
I’d like to withdraw some money.

4. 您取多少钱?
Nín qǔ duōshao qián?
How much would you like to withdraw?

5. 请您输入密码。
Qǐng nín shūrù mìmǎ.
Please enter your PIN number.