“Hoar-Frost Falls” usually happens on October 23 each year when the sun reaches thecelestial longitude of 210 degrees. Most areas along the Yellow River have frost falling.As the last solar term in autumn, temperature in many places reach 0 degree Celsius.The vapor in the air freezes on the ground in the form of tiny ice needles or hexagonalflower shapes. The leaves fall and worms stop eating and prepare for hibernation.There are some chemical changes to the leaves of some tress such as maple,persimmon tree and Eurasian smoke tree after this day. The colors turn to red fromgreen and it’s the best time to see the red autumn leaves.

Traditional Customs
In many areas in China, people eat persimmon at this time. As an old saying goes, “Eatpersimmon. No running noses.”

Healthy Living Tips
This period is the peak time for chronic gastritis and gastroduodenal canker. Agedpeople can sometimes get arthritis. Eating pear, apple, ginkgo, onions and leaf mustardcan relief these symptoms.