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Proverbs and Poems in Frost's Descent

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Every year around October 23rd comes the beginning of Frost’s Descent, the last solar term of autumn. We can learn some useful Proverbs and Poems in Frost's Descent.
[1] The Moon on a Cold Night
[2] Interesting Meteorological Knowledge in Proverbs
[3] Shanxing
[4] Farm Sayings about Frost’s Descent
[5] Talking about the Phase without Frost

The Moon on a Cold Night
by Li Shangyin
“When people can hear the sound of wild geese, the cicada stops tweeting;
I climb up to a high building and look far into the distance, seeing the water and sky merge into one;
The deity of snow and frost, Qing Nv, and the goddess of the moon, Chang’e are not afraid of the cold;
They are still competing with each other to see who is more beautiful.”

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