The Frost’s Descent Festival, with a history of more than 360 years, is a holiday to commemorate Cen Yuyin, a heroine in battles against foreign aggression. It’s said that the heroine once lead people to resist invasions. In order to commemorate the heroine, people in areas such as Daxin County in Guangxi Province celebrate the first day of Frost’s Descent.

The Frost’s Descent Festival is divided into three phases, each lasting one day. During the festival period, people of the Zhuang ethnic group offer sacrifices, dance and sing folk songs. In the early morning of the first day of Frost’s Descent, people go to temples with glutinous rice cakes, glutinous rice, meat and candles to offer as sacrifices. During the Qing Dynasty, common people and officials both offered sacrifices that day. After 1949, the sacrifices stopped. But ceremonial activities such as performances, folk singing and lion dances are still fervent. The modern Frost’s Descent Festival focuses not only on the commemoration of the heroine but also on commercial trade.