Everyday Chinese is the online Chinese course which designed for language learners who would like to acquire practical communication skills. Today we will learn some useful expressions.


1. 我想租房。
Wǒ xiǎng zū fáng.
I’d like to rent an apartment.

2. 您想找什么样的房子?
Nín xiǎng zhǎo shénme yàng de fángzi?
What kind of apartment do you have in mind?

3. 您想花多少钱租?
Nín xiǎng huā duōshao qián zū?
What’s your budget? 

4. 什么时候能搬进来?
Shénme shíhou néng bān jìnlai?
When can I move in?

5. 房租怎么付?
Fángzū zěnme fù?
How often do I pay the rent?