PK: I just ask her whether my membership is still valid and she told me till June next year. Now let’s find out where the lockers are.
PK: 您能指给我看我的存衣柜吗?(Nín nénɡ zhǐɡěi wǒ kàn wǒde cúnyīɡuìmɑ?)
Receptionist: 没问题,跟我来。(Méiwèntí, ɡēn wǒ lái.)

(PK follows the lady to the storage area,receives the key for his cabinet and opens it.)

PK: Now that I know where my locker is and that my membership is still valid, it’s time for a run. So let’s warm up for the next Chinese phrase. But first let’s get into something comfy.

(PK heads towards the changing room.)

(Enters a room and closes the door behind him. shortly a woman enters the same room. PK comes out embarrassed.)

PK: Oh my God! That’s the ladies’ room. That’s so careless of me. To avoid getting yourself into trouble, note these two Chinese characters.

(Two Chinese characters that stand for man and woman)

PK: Even though you might come across the universal icons that distinguish between the ladies’ room and the men’s room. Yes! This means male, so this must be the men’s room. Let’s go.

(The camera moves as if to enter the room with PK)

PK: Ah! You thought I would let you in? This is the furthest to go. Wait here.

(PK slums the door then opens it and comes out dressed for the gym.)

PK: Good to go. You know what, I prefer doing light exercises, just for maintenance. I ’m not that kind of guy who goes for the hard body-building stuff. As you can see I have a long way to go. Let’s go.

(PK on the treadmill running his breath out)

PK: Yes, this is my favorite sport, but I guess some I’m going too fast. I don’t seem to slow this thing down.

PK: 教练,能帮我调慢点吗?(Jiào liàn, nénɡ bānɡwǒ diàomàndiǎn mɑ?)

(The coach adjusts the speed of the treadmill.)

Coach: 您看这速度可以吗?(Nín kàn zhè sùdù kéyǐ mɑ?)
PK: 好多了。(Hǎoduō le.)
PK: And also remember, before you start any kind of a workout, you’d better warm up, and this is the best way to do it, plus some stretches afterwards.

(Suddenly the treadmill comes to a halt.)

PK: 为什么停了?The thing stopped. I guess I should call my coach again.

Language points:

Nín nénɡ zhǐɡěi wǒ kàn wǒde cúnyīɡuìmɑ?
Can you show me the way to my storage cabinet

Jiào liàn, nénɡ bānɡwǒ diàomàndiǎn mɑ?
Will you help me slow down the speed a little?