Nillah: Hello and welcome to Living Chinese. In this edition of the program, we’re going to focus on job hunting in China.

Dominic: Job hunting can be a daunting experience in any country, let alone one in which you don’t speak the language and with a culture far removed from your own.

Nillah: But fear not, China’s booming economy has created many opportunities for foreigners, even if you don’t speak the language.

Dominic: Today we’re going to take you through the paces of finding employment in China by applying ourselves, for the same job!

Nillah: That’s right, but before we let the battle commence, let’s talk a little about how to locate that golden opportunity.

(A glance over newspaper job advertisements, relevant internet pages)

Dominic: Here, just as most other countries, you can find job advertisements in the local press, online, at recruitment agencies and of course advertised within the particular company you want to work for.

Dominic: Nillah and I have already identified an interesting opportunity to work as a presenter at a small television company.

Nillah: So now what we are going to do is to try to make that important phone call to try to organize an interview.

Nillah: Dominic, I believe you would like to go first?

(Nillah gives phone to Dominic.)

Dominic: OK. The contact person I’m going to call is Ms. Wang Li. Wish me luck!

(Wang Li answers the phone.)

Wang Li: 您好,我是王丽。(Nínhǎo, wǒ shì WánɡLì.)
Dominic: 你好,王丽女士,我叫Dominic Swire。我听说你们公司在招人。如果有机会的话,我想去你们公司应聘。(Wǒ tīnɡshuō nǐmen ɡōnɡsī zài zhāorén. Rúɡuǒ yǒujīhuì de huà, wǒ xiǎnɡqù nǐmen ɡōnɡsī yìnɡpìn.)
Wang Li: 好的,你明天早上十点钟有空吗?你可以到我们这里来吗?(Hǎode, nǐ mínɡtiān zǎoshɑnɡ shídiǎnzhōnɡ yǒukōnɡ mɑ? Nǐ kéyǐ dào wǒmen zhèlǐ lái mɑ?)
Dominic: 没问题。(Méiwèntí.)
Wang Li: 好的,明天见。(Hǎode, mínɡtiān jiàn.)
Dominic: 谢谢,明天见。(Xièxiè, mínɡtiān jiàn.)
Dominic: Excellent! I now have a job interview. Now it’s your turn.

(Dominic passes the phone to Nillah.)

Nillah: Thank you. Ok, at the meantime I want to try to arrange a meeting, let’s listen to some of these key phrases again.

(Outside Nillah’s apartment)

Dominic: So I successfully arranged an interview, which will take place the same time as Nillah’s. I’m just calling her now to see if she’s ready.

(Dominic calls Nillah on the intercom.)

Dominic: Hi Nillah, it’s Dominic. Are you ready for the interview?
Nillah: I’m not ready yet. But I’ll be in a few minutes. Why not come in and wait?
Dominic: OK.

Language points:

Wǒ xiǎnɡqù nǐmen ɡōnɡsī yìnɡpìn.
I want to apply for the job in your company.