“If you want to keep healthy, have more soup.” Especially in the fall and winter, a variety of delicious soups have become indispensable. Different types of soups play different roles. The following are several types of soups frequently drunken by Chinese people in the winter to keep healthy.

Sparerib Soup is anti-aging. Spareribs are rich in protein, fat, vitamins, and have calcium phosphate, collagen and osseomucoid. This soup provides calcium for children and the elderly. The special nutrients and collagen promote microcirculation. The bones of people at the age of 50 to 59 are aging quickly. Drinking more rib soup is helpful to strengthen bones and reducing the aging of body.

Adding some melon, kelp or lotus root in the soup has the effect of clearing heat energy and helping regulate qi (energy). This soup is suitable for those who suffer from weakness, and aching waists and legs.

Chicken soup helps fight colds. Chicken soup, especially hen soup has effect of helping get rid of weakness. It relieves cold symptoms and some people say it improves the body's immune system.

Eating a lot of chicken soup helps prevent the flu. Soup is warm and has heat energy so people with inflammation shouldn’t have too much.

Fish soup is an appetizer. Fish has the effect of helping the spleen, appetizing and relieving coughs and asthma. Soup with fish, melon and onion is helpful to reduce edemas.

Fish soup is rich in comprehensive, high-quality protein. It also can reduce wrinkles caused by pressure, lack of sleep and other psychological factors.

Trotter soup can nourish qi (energy) and blood. Pig trotter has a sweet flavor and a neutral energy. It can strengthen waists and legs, nourish blood for moistening dryness, strengthen the kidney and replenish vital essence. Soup with some peanuts and trotters is suitable for women. Chinese people use it for blood deficiency and to help new mothers who can’t produce much milk.