During Minor Snow, agricultural production in most areas in China involves field management and farmland capital construction. In this season a snowfall is beneficial for winter wheat. Thus, the proverb “a fall of seasonable snow gives promise of a fruitful year” has been used in China for a long time.

Some proverbs and folk songs about Minor Snow are as follows:
◆ The lower and middle reaches of the Yellow River: During Minor Snow, the temperature of most areas in the north drops to below zero. Because this time of year generally has less precipitation than others, the incoming Minor Snow is significant.

Hebei province: “a fall of snow in Minor Snow gives promise of a fruitful year” .

Shandong province: “collect onions in Minor Snow, or you will run out. Turnips and cabbage should be stored in a ditch.”

Henan province: “in Start of Winter and Minor Snow, pay close attention to winter plowing.”

◆ The lower and middle Reaches of the Yangtze River During Minor Snow, the lower and middle breaches of the Yangtze River have entered winter and some places have frost. The first snow comes in mid or late December. People in these areas begin to tend to their wheat and rapeseed, and start composting.

Jiangsu province: “it is late to sow wheat in Start of Winter; start composting in Minor Snow”.

Shanghai and Zhejiang province: “the north wind in Start of Winter and Minor Snow is cold, so collect the cotton, crops and oil plants as soon as possible.”

◆ South China In Fujian and Guangdong provinces, there are still crops in the field during Minor Snow.

The proverb of Fujian goes: “fertilize green rice during Minor Snow”. “Green rice” refers to the late rice.

In Guangdong, there is a proverb the holds “it is red in the field during Minor Snow and empty during Great Snow”. The red doesn’t refer to the color, but means that it is busy time of year, collecting late rice and sowing wheat in the field.

◆ Forecast the coming year based on weather of Minor Snow From the proverbs about the Minor Snow, it can be seen that if it snows during Minor Snow, there will be favorable climatic weathers next year. Several proverbs highlight this, especially “snow flies in Minor Snow, next year will be smooth”, “snow in Minor Snow means there will be a good harvest next year, the orchard is clear by the now and there are no pests left”. There are different sayings about the forecast.

In Zhejiang, a proverb goes: “no clouds in Minor Snow forecasts a drought”.

In Hunan province, another proverb goes: “sunny Minor Snow forecast rain lasting to the end of the year”.

And in Hubei province, a proverb goes: “sunny Minor Snow forecasts snow lasting to the end of the year”.