In some areas of the south, people have glutinous rice cakes in the tenth lunar month. Glutinous rice cake was a traditional festival offering in ancient times and used by peasants as an offering to the bull god. There is a proverb about it: “in the early tenth lunar month, heat some rice cakes”.

In the early tenth lunar month, ancient peasants rewarded their farm cattle for their hard-work all year around and used the newly-collected rice to make cakes in order to celebrate the harvest, thank the gods and pray for the good weather for the crops. Since the glutinous rice is ready for harvest later than other rice. It is collected in the late ninth lunar month. The peasants mill the new glutinous rice and make cakes.

Glutinous rice cakes themselves are only pieces of dough, so when you have it, you need to dip it in sesame, peanut or sugar first for good taste. It is not convenient to eat and send as a gift. Thus, frequently it developed into a kind of oblate dumpling with glutinous rice skin and fillings of sesame, peanut, or sugar.